C0nsider this is the chance for someone to make sure you are getting the deal that was promised

Let's have a chat before the storm hits, as an electrician for 30 years, holding licenses in two states and then being a solar manager for over a decade, I am sure I can be of service to you even if it is to ease your mind;

New live stream
monday 6pm

From challenges to duels, testing out mods, reviewing games or bloody matches with other teams - you name it, we stream it. 

a ground mount installed solar array
a ground mount installed solar array

Concerned about the customer

Throughout my contracting career and again with over a decade in the Solar installation sector, I have always held my belief system in tact that honesty really is the only way to go about any conversation. During our no cost consultation I will look at our situation without bias and give you an honest assessment not matter if you hvae already started the installation or not. I will be looking out for your best interest;

rooftop solar as seen from. a drone
rooftop solar as seen from. a drone

I don't beleive that every sales person lies, i think there is a lot of non-training happening and they truly believe what they are saying

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